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Welcome to the KMS software development support site.

KMS v2 is a multi-threaded web-based application provided and managed by the Cornell University Police Department's Access Control Group. It provides the user with the facilities and tools for documenting, auditing, and monitoring key and profile data--all requirements for compliance with Policy 8.4 - Management of Keys and other Access Control Devices.

These pages exist to keep you, the end-users, apprised of the current state of the project as well as providing you the means to submit feedback and suggestions to be used in determing how we continue with the effort.

Service Links
  • Key Management System
  • Use the above links to quickly access KMS services.
    Release Series & Status
  • Version: v2.12.0
    status: production
    released: 5/03/2019
    online changes
  • Version: v2.12.0
    status: test
    released: 04/29/2019
    online changes
  • Version: n/a
    status: development
    dev plan
  • Known Bugs
  • A quick list of known issues that you may be experiencing. These issues are logged in our bug database and will be addressed as possible. issues

  • Bug Database
  • For a full listing of all reported bugs, visit the KMS bug database here